Online Classes

NYSCC is offering online weekly lessons to New York City chess students.
We have been running 40+ lessons a week since the end of March 2020 for students over "Zoom".
We were one of the first chess programs to be fully up and running and it shows in how successful our classes have been.
Here are a few emails we have received from parents:
“Thanks for continuing offering the zoom classes for the kids. I found that your chess classes were the most effective and ran the best on the zoom platform among many classes we had "online" during the last couple of weeks. They are very much appreciated.” – Janice, 4th grade parent

“The silver lining of all of this has been chess. Your Zoom classes are amazing… Thank you for offering even more classes than before. We really appreciate what you are doing for the kids, and it helps me get my work done too!” - Karen, 1st grade parent

"Thank you so so so much for keeping these classes going! Not only does my son love them but it gives me a bit of time to myself!"- Becky, 1st grade parent

Weekly Classes

Starting Wednesday April 6th.

-Online classes will take place on Wednesdays starting April 6th up to June 22nd.

-All classes will take place over ZOOM.

-Classes will begin at 4pm and end around 5:30pm.

-Classes will start with a lesson and then each group will play against each other online through ChessKid.

-This year, all students who register will receive a free gold membership to chesskid (a $50 value).

-Space is very limited as we will be keeping classes to a manageable size so all students will be able to participate and being engaged. We will close registration whenever necessary.

Please email with any questions