New York Scholastic Chess Club offers curriculum chess and after-school programs to schools,  private lessons for groups and individuals, chess tournaments, and chess camps during school breaks. Our programs are tailored to students ranging from absolute beginner to national champions.
Some of our recent accolades include:
-2024 K-3 national individual champion
-2023 4th grade national individual champion

-2023 3rd grade national individual champion
-2023 Pan American U8 individual champion
-2023 K-6 national team champions
-2023 NY State K-5 team champions
-2022 Girls U10 national team champions
-2022 2nd grade national individual champion (the only girl to win a championship in grades K-12)
-2022 K-5 national team champions
-2022 K-5 National individual co-champion

-2021 3rd grade team national championship
-Multiple top 5 places both individually and in teams.
-Multiple students to represent the US in the world youth championships.

Founder Ivan Dirkx's experience playing top-level scholastic chess in New York City means NYSCC has unique insight into the needs of our students.

-Ivan Dirkx


We're proud to offer after school programs throughout the city!

PS 199

PS 334

The Anderson School

PS 452


Chess Classes

We are hosting weekly online chess classes for NYC students



NYSCC is happy to offer private lesson for all levels of chess players. Our expert teachers will create a program styled to your childs needs. Group lessons are also available. Please contact NYSCC for available times and rates.




Ivan has the unique experience of having grown up in New York City playing scholastic chess at a top level. His instructors included Josh Waitzkin and Bruce Pandolfini, some of the most well known chess players and instructors in the world. With that comes the understanding of what is needed to be successful as a student and teacher
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Silas is an International Master and 6-time chess author. For more than 15 years, Silas has been teaching chess to multiple students on different levels. He has also helped start up scholastic chess in Copenhagen, and he has international coaching experience from several European and World Youth Championships.
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Giorgi Bakhtadaze is an International Chess Master who has been teaching chess in New York City for over 20 years with multiple students who have gone on to be national champions. He is a two time world youth champion and 11 time Georgian Youth National Champion. In his personal life, Giorgi is married with 4 kids.
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Peter Gabrielides

Peter is currently a chess expert working as the manager at PS452 and chess instructor at the Anderson School. Coming from SA Midtown West, Peter has excellent classroom management and knows what it takes to run a successful program.
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Tamar Chanadari

Tamar is a chess instructor at many schools throughout New York City. She enjoys sharing her chess experience and knowledge with her students. Tamar participated in the NJ Scholastic Chess Championships. She is also an experienced tournament director. Her favorite chess player is Jose Raul Capablanca.
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Cameron Hull is a New York City based chess educator and active tournament player. He has taught and served on the Board of Directors at the Marshall Chess Club in Manhattan. He has taught at many schools throughout the 5 boroughs. He currently teaches at the Anderson School.
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Matheu Jefferson has been teaching chess since he was a high school student at Bronx Center for Science and Math. While there he helped start a chess team, which won the 12th grade National Championship in 2012. He has been with Anderson the past several years while also getting his Bachelor's Degree in Physics.
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Charlie Reeder is currently a student at Dartmouth College. From grades k-8, Charlie attended the Anderson School, which is where she learned how to play chess. Charlie has enjoyed chess since kindergarten and has been competing in scholastic and open tournaments since 2nd grade.
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Jonathan has been a strong scholastic chess player since his first year of intermediate school, where he earned a spot in the top 100 ranking for chess players in the US his age every year after. He was on various teams to score in the top 5 in nationals throughout his scholastic career. In the 2012 grade nationals where his team won 1st place.
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