PS 199

We are excited to announce that NYSCC will be running chess curriculum classes at PS 199 on the Upper West Side for all 2nd, 3rd, 4th and now 5th graders!

Students will learn the basics of chess including:

  • rules
  • strategies
  • tactics
  • as well as build off knowledge they already have about chess.

Chess is an incredible tool to help increase a child's focus, concentration and ability to problem solve: numerous studies have shown an increase in standardized test scores among students who take a weekly curriculum chess class. We hope that our chess program will help the students of PS 199 reach their full potential.


Weekly Classes

Starting Monday April 5th

-Online classes will take place on Monday AND Wednesday starting April 5th up to June 23rd.

-All classes will take place over ZOOM.

-Classes will begin at 3:30pm and end around 5pm.

-Classes will start with a lesson and then each group will play against each other online through ChessKid.

-This year, all students who register will receive a free gold membership to chesskid (a $50 value).